Relax, Unwind And Chill With Ball Blast

For anyone looking to play games without purchasing an expensive gaming PC, laptop or console, smartphones are the obvious choice. The App Store and the Google Play Store provide millions of games for mobile gamers to choose from.

A great first step to deciding on the kind of game you wish to play on your mobile device, is to decide whether you want to play a single player game, or a multiplayer game. Single player games tend to be a lot more casual and fun oriented, while multiplayer games tend to be more competitive and grindy.

Ball Blast is an easy to play, arcade platform that is simple, attractive to look at and great for casual play.


Ball Blast is a platform that has an arcade style of gameplay. The objective of the game is simple, destroy all the balls present on the screen to progress. You are given control of cannon that can move by sliding across the 2D map, and shoots cannonballs straight up.

Now this may seem simple, but the gameplay gets more complex as you progress through the levels. The balls are of different sizes and have different number pinned on them. These numbers represent the number of bullets or cannonballs required to destroy the ball or, in some cases split it into two. The balls bounce around the screen until they are dealt with and destroyed. If you can achieve this within the stipulated time period, you are given experience points as a reward and can move onto the next level.

With each level, the difficulty of the game increases, with more balls appearing on the screen and each requiring more hits to break. But do not worry, as you progress through the game, you can upgrade your cannon and give it special features like the ability to shoot multiple projectiles at once. The game is simple to play and all you must do is slide the cannon along the map with your finger, aiming at the balls and destroying them.

Game Details

  • Ball Blast is made by Voodoo studios and is highly rated on the Play Store.
  • The game uses simple graphics, making it playable on a variety of devices.
  • The game is suitable for audiences of all ages.

Game Features

  • Ball Blast is a platform with a simple style of gameplay that can be easily learnt.
  • The game has more than 230 levels, giving you several hours of uninterrupted gameplay.
  • The game lets you upgrade your cannon as you finish levels, making progression incredibly satisfying.


Not all mobile gamers are looking for high-stress multiplayer games that involve killing, guns or fighting. Some players just want a sublime experience that is easy to play, engaging and can be installed on any device. Ball Blast is exactly that, being suitable for all ages, not graphically intense and engaging, it is the perfect game if you are looking to relax after a long day.

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